About Us

The inspiration for CarrieCute.com goes back almost 20 years.  Carrie spent several years working at a large retail jewelry store.  Her favorite designs were always the most unique styles.

Meanwhile, Carrie's husband spent many years traveling the globe for work.  Knowing Carrie's love for affordable and unique fashion necklaces, he sought to bring back something special for her from each country he visited.  Carrie still has those necklaces today and even named them after the country or city where they found.

When considering an online store to open, the choice was obvious!!

Carrie and her husband live in Central Ohio with their 2 sons and dog Maggie.  Carrie was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer (ductal carcinoma in situ - DCIS) nearly 2 years ago.  After a bi-lateral mastectomy and subsequent reconstruction, she is cancer free for over 18 months!  She was lucky thanks to early screening and detection.  Ladies get your mammograms!!!!!

A portion of the proceeds from this online store will go to benefit Breast Cancer Research.